How to care for your Greenhouse Tomatoes?

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Greenhouse Tomatoes
Greenhouse and hydroponic growers have always found that there are many benefits of growing tomatoes by these methods. These tomatoes are rich in nutrient content and taste better. However, to enjoy high quality tomatoes, certain care and precautionary measures have to be taken while indoor gardening.

Greenhouse or hydroponic farming has controlled environment. Your crop is not dependant on external environment. So when it comes to indoor gardening, you have to be careful about physical factors like temperature, humidity, provision of water etc. Also amount, type and quality of nutrients provided make a huge difference in cultivating tomatoes in a soilless medium. Tomatoes usually grow best in nutrient medium that is high in nitrogen level. Also, you have to take care that the medium is not too dry or too wet. Also, spraying pesticides regularly is a must. Choosing correct hydroponic supplies for your greenhouse will do the trick.

Pollination of tomato flowers is to be done in warm and humid weather. Usually tomato plants start flowering after 60 to 80 days of planting. Take care that humidity of your indoor garden is around 65 to 70 per cent (during noon) while you pollinate the flowers. One of the most important precautions is to prune off vines that grow from leaf (they are also called as suckers). Otherwise the vines will absorb food and nutrient that tomatoes require to grow.

One major factor to be taken care of while growing greenhouse tomato is provision of light. The amount and intensity of light is a deciding factor in the development of flower to a fully fledged tomato. It is essential to monitor the source of light in case of indoor gardening. Use of metal halide to give 16-18 hours of light daily is advisable in case of greenhouse tomatoes. Also, take care that your greenhouse has total darkness for around 8 hours. This is important for the respiration of plants. Maintain pH level up to 5.8 to 6.3.

Take care that the environment provided in your greenhouse for growing tomatoes is not too extreme. There should not be too cold or too hot weather conditions. Also the tomato plants get easily disrupted by windy conditions. Make sure that your greenhouse tomato plants do not come in contact with polluted air or water which facilitates growth of harmful microbes and germs. Tomato plants can easily drown so take care not to over water them. Essential hydroponic supplies like metal halide light source, trimmers, and ballasts should all be well-maintained and used with proper guidance.

Like any other hydroponic plant, tomatoes also require care and patience. However, keep in mind that by just paying attention to small details like weather conditions and pest control, you can enjoy indoor gardening and get juicier, tastier and highly nutritious tomatoes.

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