Folkewall – Vertical Gardening


Folkewall - Vertical Gardening

Folkewall - Vertical Gardening

Folkewall is a hydroponics growing system that is specifically designed to make proper use of limited land to fulfill two important purposes: i.e., purification of greywater and vertical growing technique or living wall. It’s basically a vertical growing method and the best example of it is the hanging gardens of the Babylon. Vertical farming helps in efficient use of space and purification of percolating water which may be greywater.

The simplest design of folkewall is a wall of hollow slabs that have proper openings on one or both sides of the wall. You can fill the hollows with inert material like LECA-pebbles (light expanded clay aggregate), gravel, vermiculite or perlite. It’s designed to allow the water to travel over the longest path through the wall along with the pebbles. The water is allowed to reach the top in a zig-zag manner in the wall. At this time plant roots grow with the inert material and absorb nutrients directly from the water. Beneficial bacteria grow on the pebbles and break down organic pollutants in the greywater. After consuming the pollutant they release nutrients in the water which are thereafter is absorbed by the plant. A container fixed at the bottom of the wall collect purified water, which can be recycled.

Since herbaceous crops are fast growing crops they are the ideal ones for Folkewall. Perennials that take time to fully grow such as trees or shrubs are not recommended for the Folkewall. Special care should be taken while using the water; avoid using water that contains heavy metals or any unsafe pollutants.

Some of the advantages of Folkewall are:

  • It purifies greywater and is especially helpful in arid climatic conditions.
  • It utilizes space efficiently and can be practiced in a green house or in open in frost free climate.
  • Water can be reused or recycled an also can be used for other household or irrigation purposes.
  • Heat exchanger and temperature buffer in a green house where the wall is combined with greywater purification.
  • In hot climate, the living walls give a cooling effect to the building.

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