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Are you wondering why the leaves are suddenly off-colored or what is slowing down the overall growth of your plants? Incidentally, most of these problems coincide with pH and PPM fluctuations. As most growers like you will agree, balancing the pH and PPM level is the toughest act as a grower and these pH issues are one of the biggest obstacles to your overall yield. Some professionals are so paranoid about pH levels that they keep checking and adjusting the levels at least two times a day to keep their plants’ growth stable.

Proper pH level in the greenhouse prevents any negative chemical reaction that might occur to your fertilizer. But, a high level of pH can lead to blockage within the lines and therefore cause severe problems to your hydroponics system. Potential Hydrogen (pH) basically means the concentration of positively charged hydrogen ions relative to negatively charged hydroxyl ions in a substance. Hydrogen ions are acidic in nature and hydroxyl ions are basic. The pH scale goes from 0-14 and ideal score is 7. If the score goes below 7 it indicates an acidic environment and a score above 7 indicates an alkaline environment.  Acid commonly formed is either phosphoric acid or nitric acid, which when combines with water violently reacts and breaks the compound inside nutrients.

The scientists at Advanced Nutrients understood this challenge and after intense research and study, they have discovered this breakthrough technology – “pH Perfect technology” that will help growers to eliminate pH monitoring concerns permanently. You need to ensure that the pH levels of water fall between 4.5 and 8.5. This means that you don’t need to worry about pH levels as it automatically adjusts the pH levels and keeps it buffered through the plants’ bloom cycle.

Bigger Yield Flowering system from Advanced Nutrients has a built in proprietary technology – pH Perfect technology, will give you:

  • Bigger yield
  • Potent easy to mix formulae with 2in1 and 5 in1 product formulations
  • By following the instructions that come along with each of the bundled growing levels, growers are guaranteed to supply maximum nutrition and vitality to their crop.
  • Flower fattening formulae
  • Specially designed for all hydroponics, soil and sphagnum medium
  • Developed for use with all hydroponic, aeroponic, NFT and other growing systems

This pH Perfect technology is built into every growing level of the Bigger Yield Flowering system and therefore you don’t really need to bother about pesky pH meters and complicated ppm calculations. All the base nutrients have been standardized at 4ml per liter, so mixing and use is ridiculously easy.

pH Perfect Technology works in two stages. In the first stage, use variety of color sensitive molecules which are released at various pH levels. It compresses the pH of your nutrients into a manageable window. In the second stage, nutrients act like powerful magnets and are attracted to your plants roots. So now you can throw away your pH and PPM meters and never bother about them again. Visit your nearest hydroponic store and buy a Bigger Yield Flowering System with inbuilt pH and ppm technology and you will never have to bother about pH or ppm again. No need for continuous balancing and calibrating of pH and ppm levels.


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