Indoor Gardening Tips: Growing Herbs Hydroponically

Herbs add spice to food and gardens. Indoor gardening is the best way to obtain a bunch of freshly grown herbs right from your own windowsill and sprinkle it over your dish. Growing herbs indoors can be a successful venture once you decide on the perfect location for them in your home. Different herbs have different needs but majority of them grow very well in full sunlight. When you fulfill the needs of the herbs, you can grow even those delicate herbs that are difficult to grow outdoors. You can choose both soil method as well as hydroponics to grow your own herbs indoors.

Indoor gardening with herbs is not a very tedious task. With few simple steps and few growth factors to control, you can get a healthy, aromatic, and fresh yield of herbs. Select a location in your house where your herbs would get five hours of direct sunlight per day. If you are planning to use grow lights, then fluorescent lights, suspending 4 inches above the plants are perfect for herbs. Keep the lights on for about 10 hours/day. Depending on the space available, select herb seedlings or seeds. Sometimes herb seedlings grown from seeds die while transplanting to bigger potting medium or hydroponic grow medium like perlite. Always use 2-3 inches of soilless potting mix to plant your herbs to avoid soil borne pests and diseases. It is better to buy small seedlings, which have just started to grow compared to seeds. Chives, basil, lavender, parsley, mint, and thyme are preferred choices for indoor gardening, as they don’t grow too wide or tall. You can grow different herbs in a wide and deep container or in 6” pot that is 6-12” deep for individual plant. Though indoor herbs need some moisture and temperature during arid winters, never over water your herbs. Also, remember to fertilize your potting mixture every time you water your herbs. Regular pruning is required for healthy growth of the herbs. If you find pests crawling near your herbs, then spray soap water over your plants. This will kill the insects without harming the plants.

The bubbler method would be best for growing herbs hydroponically. It uses two different size air tubes, one inside the other so that air bubbles push up the nutrient mixture through the growing medium. Hydroponic indoor gardening eliminates many drawbacks of conventional soil gardening like working with soil in hot sun, pest problems, and unfavorable climatic conditions, giving you a vigorous, fresh yield of homegrown herbs.

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