Green Bell Peppers
Bell Peppers are excellent crops to grow in hydroponics. These plants do best in an ebb-and-flow or NFT hydroponic systems. Take a sterile seed starting mix and fill the pots. Use a small pot for single plant and large seed tray for multiple plants. Sow the pepper seeds deep of 1/16th inch in the moist media and cover the seed slightly with media. You can sow two to five seeds in each pot, so that you can choose and transplant the healthy one. Keep the plants in a warm sunny area away from direct sunlight and water them every day.

In about a week’s time, you can see the signs of the growth and when the seeds start sprouting, provide them a good sunlight. Once the seedlings began to set true leaves you can transplant them. Check for the healthiest plants and remove them carefully without damaging the roots.

Pepper Seedlings

Plant the seedlings in your hydroponic growing medium. I used the equal part of coco peat and vermicomposting mix in my hydroponic growing medium. Plant the seedlings on top of the growing medium spreading out the roots leaving at least a foot of space between them (see above image)

Start applying root enhancers (Piranha, Tarantula, VooDoo Juice or Sensizym) to your growing medium. I used VooDoo Juice and Piranha 1ml per liter in water and applied them twice a week for two months. Root enhancers maximize root absorption of oxygen, nutrients and water for optimum yields and also maximize production of floral essential oils.

Flowering Peppers

After a month, start applying primary nutrients like Sensi Grow two part nutrients, add 2ml per liter of water and apply it twice a week for almost 2 months. This nutrient benefits the faster growth.

For the first three weeks trim off the flower buds, so that the plant will direct its effort toward growing stronger and grow more flowers later. Make sure you fed them and water them properly.

Bell Peppers

Along with this primary nutrients start applying bloom enhancers Sensi Bloom two part nutrients. It should be applied 2ml per liter of water, twice a week for 2 months. Keep feeding your plants regularly. Start harvesting your hydroponic peppers once they reach a sufficient size. Usually peppers take 90 to 120 days after germination.

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