How to grow Cucumbers hydroponically?

Growing Cucumbers,
Cucumber is a warm season vegetable which is a part of the gourd family. Cucumbers have many health benefits and used for skin treatment, especially for eyes! Let’s see how to grow cucumbers hydroponically.

Ideally, Cucumbers are grown during the summer but with one can grow Hydroponically anytime during an year. Growing cucumbers with hydroponics produce healthier plants and higher yields than growing in soil gardening. Cucumbers grow well in an expando drip garden, deep water culture, or in ebb & flow using Rockwool. Cucumbers are quite delicate and require special treatment even in hydroponic systems.

The easiest way to grow cucumbers in hydroponics is to plant them in a Rockwool starter cubes. Soak the Rockwool cubes until they are completely drenched and allow them to drain. Once the Rockwool drains push one seed about ½ inches deep into the each cube and water them every day. Make sure that you plant one seed per cube in your growing medium. Within few days you can see the set of true leaves emerging from the Rockwool.

Start using nutrient supplement once you see the first leaves developed and continue using the solution until the roots are well developed. Use 4 ml per liter during all weeks of vegetative growth and make sure you shake well to take full advantage of this product and put it to work for you.

There is a lot variety of cucumbers but the most popular is European Glasshouse which grows quickly in hydroponics systems. It takes 60 to 70 days to harvest from planting. Cucumbers are very heavy feeders so make sure you keep the nutrient level optimum and also change your reservoir at least every 4 to 5 days.

Cucumbers do best when the temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees F and night temperatures around 65 degrees. Keep an eye on the temperature and don’t let the room get too warm or your plants won’t produce as well. Most of the cucumber plant requires a lot of space, but even if you don’t have enough space you grow cucumbers using trellises or using stakes for vertical gardening.

If you want to grow cucumbers indoors then use HID Grow lights for best results. Plug the grow lights into the timer and set the timer for 16 hours per day. Place the light between 6 to 24 inches above the cucumber plant and move up the light as per the growth of the plant. Be sure to use full-spectrum grow lights.

Once you harvest the cucumbers, you can do a lot of things with it. Make pickle, soup, salad or eat raw and even use cucumbers to soothe your eyes and skin.  I prefer eating raw and even in salads.

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