Floating Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening
Have you ever heard about Floating Hydroponics Gardening or Floating Vegetable Garden? Mostly floating vegetable garden grows on the lake or lake side. People who reside near the lake enjoy growing fresh homegrown produce all summer long as they don’t have much access for land they grow crops on the floating rack.

Building a floating garden is very easy; you need to create a special float made of logs. Get a dozen of cedar logs as they are very good in floating. Once you create a special float install four one by two meter raised beds on the top of it. You can plant directly on the raise beds or you can grow container gardening on the floating dock. You can grow all kind of vegetables like lettuce, spinach, carrots, onions, potatoes, radishes, strawberries and asparagus on the floating logs.

Building floating hydroponic garden is very easy to care. It is the easiest way to produce huge amount of healthy nourishing vegetables and fruits on the floating hydroponic garden. Create a rectangular frame 2 by 6 inch of treated lumber. The rectangular frame should be 4 feet, one inch wide by 8 feet and one inch long. The size of the frame can be varying according to your requirement.

You need to line the frame with a polyethylene plastic sheet that contain nutrient solutions and make sure the plastic liner should be taken care or else you will lose all the nutrients. Insulate 1 ½ inch thick Styrofoam in the lined frame so that it will create a floating platform in the wooden frame.

Make float this wooden frame on the water garden to a total depth of at least five inches. Use pH perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom, use 4 ml per liter during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase. Before you use shake well the nutrients to take full advantage of this product. Use only water-soluble fertilizer. Replace the nutrient solution periodically for optimum growth of your vegetable gardening.

Grow leafy vegetables, salad vegetables. You can even consider mustard, mint, Kale plants to grow well in the cool season. Grow flowers like Zinnias and Sunflowers. Wet rooting crops grow well in the floating hydroponic garden than dry condition crops.

In the land of Gaibandha district which lies in Bangladesh, the farmers have developed a new technology of floating land to grow crops. They use water hyacinth as a floating raft covered with soil and cow manure in which vegetables are grown. They collect water hyacinth and above the water hyacinth they arrange bamboos and above the bamboo they add more water hyacinth and they cow manure, dirt and compost. In that compost they grow vegetable garden and crops. The floating vegetable gardens are created in ponds, canals and other water sources. They provide training for these new techniques to grow more and better crops.

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