Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Systems an Ideal System for Indoor Gardening!

Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System

Popularly known as bubbler, deep water culture (DWC) system is the simplest and most preferred hydroponic growing system. The plants in this system are allowed to grow in a nutrient enriched solution that is highly oxygenated. If you are a wise indoor grower and have intensely studied a lot about other hydroponics systems, then you’ll realize that a DWC system is very efficient and ideal for indoor gardening. This system will help can double or triple your annual yields effortlessly!

Tools needed to construct DWC hydroponics system

  • A reservoir; for this you can use a fish tank, a bucket or a bin that is water proof.
  • Tube
  • Air stones
  • Net pots
  • Air pump
  • Growing medium; it’s advisable to use rockwool and grow rocks
  • Hydroponic nutrients
  • Cutting tools (scissors and cutter)

Simple method to construct DWC hydroponic system

  • Use a floater that can properly support your plants hanging above your nutrient solutions. You can either cut the floater in exact measurement of the reservoir that would float on the nutrient solution or you can cut the floater individually so that each floater supports each net pot.
  • Now measure the length of your reservoir and cut the floater about 1/4-inch smaller than the actual measurement.
  • Now cut the traced area in such a way that it supports the net pots halfway down the floater.
  • Set the air pump to the bottom of your reservoir and then connect the tubing and fix air stones to the pump.
  • Supply germinated seeds in the net pots that are filled with growing medium, i.e. either rockwools or grow rocks.
  • Now fill the reservoir with nutrients designed specifically for your hydroponic plants. Blend and use the nutrient solution according to the instructions given with the fertilizer you’re using.
  • Place the net pots into the holes on the floaters on top of the nutrient solutions.
  • Provide aeration to the nutrient solution with the help of air pump.

Examine the nutrient solutions properly to ensure your plants get enough nutrients for healthy and faster growth. Replace the nutrient solution once a week with ideal pH reading between 5.5 and 6.5. While replacing nutrients ensure that you wash it properly to protect it from the formation of algae, mold or other salt debris. However, it’s very important to understand that if the environment is highly oxygenated then there are faster chances of algae and mold in the reservoir. Therefore, the smart way out is by blocking the light to penetrate into the reservoir by painting it black in color as this will prevent any formation of algae.

For better supply of oxygen in the deep water culture system either you should use aeration devices like air stones or the water from buckets can be inter-connected and then re-circulated with the help spray nozzles.

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