Advantages and Disadvantages of Bubbleponics Systems

Bubbleponics, Bubbleponics Systems


Bubbleponics system, popularly known as Deep Water Culture, is a method of plant production, where the roots are suspended in nutrient rich oxygenated water. It is essentially a top fed deep water system where water is pumped from the reservoir to the top of the roots. It helps in enhancing growth significantly in the first few weeks. Another advantage is that the roots get easy access to water from the beginning. Cannabis is one of the plants which grow well using this technology.

Bubbleponics system works best by hanging your plant roots into the nutrient solution that has large amount of oxygen generated from the air stones. Bubbleponics system is one easy way to meet the oxygen demands of your plants. In a Bubbleponics hydroponics setup, you place a pump in the reservoir, and use it to bring water from the reservoir up to the plants at their roots. The water is pumped out over the plant’s roots and then runs back into the reservoir below. To help further oxygenate the water, there is an airstone in the reservoir which pumps air into the water via a hose from outside the reservoir. Both the airstone and the water pump run 24 hours a day.

Advantages of a bubbleponics system:

  • High yield compared to the amount of nutrient that is fed to the plants.
  • It promotes faster growth compared to any other system.
  • Once the system is set up, maintenance is not needed.
  • It’s a very flexible hydroponics system, as it requires minimum space to set up.

Disadvantages of a bubbleponics system:

  • Building a complete bubbleponics system can be quite complicated
  • The roots of your plants need more attention here because they are prone to problems like root rot and many other root problems.

Bubbleponics can give you the desired results. All you need to set-up a bubbleponics system is a pump, reservoir, net pots, timer, pH testing kit, foliar feeding (optional) and air stone. Ensure that the water pump and the air stone runs for 24 hours a day. The roots of your plants have unlimited access to the nutrient-rich water that is highly oxygenated and at the same time access to enough oxygen present in the air. With the right set up you can grow crops over 2-3 inches a day.

With regular check on your plants and bubbleponics system you can acquire the best possible yields in future!

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