How to grow Avocados from the Seed?

Avocado Seed, Avocado Fruit Trees
Avocados are one of the wonderful summer fruit, which is high in nutrition and flavor. Growing avocado trees is very easy and anyone can grow their own plant by planting a seed. A citrus avocado fruit trees nearly takes 10 to 15 years from seed to produce fruit and to know whether it is edible. All the fruits grown from seed will have different taste and they won’t taste like the grocery purchased avocado. It is because the grocery fruits are been grown from cloning or from grafting. Grafted fruit tree produce Continue reading How to grow Avocados from the Seed?

Floating Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Floating Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening
Have you ever heard about floating hydroponic vegetable gardening? Mostly floating vegetable garden grows on the lake or lake side. People who reside near the lake enjoy growing fresh homegrown produce all summer long as they don’t have much access for land they grow crops on the floating rack.

Building a floating garden is very easy; you need to create a special float made of logs. Get Continue reading Floating Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Grow and care a houseplant Zebrina Pendula

Houseplant Care, Zebrina Houseplant
Zebrina Pendula, a wonderful houseplant to grow and care. Zebrina Pendula is a species of spiderwort and most commonly known as an inch plant or wandering jew. It is also knows as Tradescantia Zebrina. Zebrina pendula is a fast-growing plant with deep green or purple leaves and velvety purple undersides. Though it is a hardy plant, it can also be grown outdoors in warm climates.

Propagate Zebrina by its cuttings. Keep the cuttings in water and make sure you change the water Continue reading Grow and care a houseplant Zebrina Pendula

How to grow a Christmas tree hydroponically?

Rosemary Christmas Tree
Getting ready for Christmas…? Are you confused which Christmas tree to purchase? Puzzled what should be gifted to your loved ones? Don’t worry you can just grow your own Christmas Tree in your indoor garden and enjoy decorating and gifting it to your friends.

Christmas tree is an evergreen conifer such as pine or fir which is traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas. Setting up a Christmas tree has become a tradition now and most of them love to grow and decorate the natural trees in their home.

Fir (Abies) are most commonly used as a Christmas tree because this fir do not shed their needles even Continue reading How to grow a Christmas tree hydroponically?

How to get rid of odor in Hydroponics Systems?

Baddass Blower, Grow Gear
Growing in hydroponics, growers found tastier and healthier vegetables and fruits in their hydroponics garden. Though growers enjoy growing purely organic garden, they experience an unpleasant and different kind of smell in their hydroponics garden. The bad smell is present in the hydroponics systems; since it has closed systems with controlled temperatures you cannot escape the bad smell.

Hydroponics is nothing but growing plants in organic ways using water, growing medium Continue reading How to get rid of odor in Hydroponics Systems?

Importance of Grow Lights in Indoor Gardening

Grow lights
Light plays an important role in plant life and it is necessary for the plant to survive as they serve as a primary energy source. No plant will survive for long without light. However, some plants still grow and flourish even without having direct sunlight on them, while some other plants thrive in artificial grow lights.

Few plants which thrive without direct sunlight are known as low light plants or shade plants.  These kind of plants can be grown under fluorescent lights. Few plants like tropical plants need lots of Continue reading Importance of Grow Lights in Indoor Gardening

Solutions for Nutrient Deficiency

Nutrient Deficiency
Plants grow healthy and produce bigger yields when they are happy.  If your plants are not happy then they won’t turn up good.  Check and observe your plants closely, check their grow set up and their growing cycles.  You can say everything about your plant only by observing their leaves.

Watering your plants is the most important thing in gardening. There are different categories of plants and their water requirement is also different.  People misunderstand this concept and give a lot of water which leads to root rot and the plant dies.  Observe the leaves of your plant, Continue reading Solutions for Nutrient Deficiency

Growing Cucumbers Hydroponically

Growing Cucumbers,
Cucumber is a warm season vegetable which is a part of the gourd family. Cucumbers have many health benefits and used for skin treatment as well as for eyes. Growing cucumbers are easy; it grows fast and healthy if you give them a proper care and maintenance.

Cucumbers can be grown all summer long but with hydroponics you can grow all year around. Growing cucumbers with hydroponics produce Continue reading Growing Cucumbers Hydroponically

How Hydroponic Nutrients Differ From Soil Nutrients?

Hydroponic Nutrients Soil Nutrients
Plants need macro and micronutrients to grow and thrive. These nutrients are supplied to the plants whether it is grown in soil medium or in hydroponics. Just like any other living tissue, plants also have tissues and it is made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen along with 23 other elements essential for biochemical reactions and structural biomass development. Plants can obtain elements like carbon, nitrogen, and Continue reading How Hydroponic Nutrients Differ From Soil Nutrients?

Growing Orchids : Best Grow Lights for Orchids

Growing Orchids, Best Grow Lights for Orchids
Growing orchids are most fascinating among growers.  But not everyone get success in growing orchids. One of the most  crucial factors is light and it is the key factor in growing healthy orchids. Many growers fail growing orchids due to the light factor or watering the plants. Lighting factor is still a mystery for growers and become a challenge to them. You should learn how to care for orchids.

Most orchid grower provides a lot of light which is harmful for the orchid plants. To a certain extent orchid plant can defend itself against the harmful sunlight but if the light intensity exceeds then Continue reading Growing Orchids : Best Grow Lights for Orchids